ActivityPub Ontology

I've created an unofficial version of an ActivityPub OWL ontology for experimentation and exploration purposes. It's based on an old Activity Streams ontology that was abandoned in favor of JSON-LD in ActivityPub. I also created a separate ontology for Mastodon (toot) extensions.

The ontology is represented in the RDF Turtle format. It can be viewed and browsed in tools like Protégé.

You can find the most recent version of the ontology files on GitHub.

Changes to the original AS ontology

  • Deprecated terms from the original Activity Streams ontology have been removed.
  • Activity Pub extensions have been added to the Activity Streams namespace to be compatible with the Activity Streams JSON-LD context.
  • An Actor class has been added. Any Object with an inbox is an Actor.
  • I've added type-restricted collections (e.g. OrderedActivityCollection).
  • The OWL range for as:url is challenging because the specification defines it as a union of a class (Object) and a data type (xsd::anyURI). I'm not sure how to model that in OWL or if it's even possible.
ontology dendogram


I'm not an ontology engineer so I make no claims that this is the best way (or even a good one) to represent the ontologies. I'm using this for my own purposes and releasing it in case someone else has a use for it (or wants to collaborate on improving it).